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Mastering Pre-Flop Poker: 9 Easy Tips for Beginners

What’s up poker fans? The team at PokerCircle is here with nine crucial pre-flop tips that every beginner on our app needs to master for consistent wins. You’ll learn optimal hand ranges, raising strategies, how to exploit different player types and much more. Lock these concepts down and you’ll have a massive pre-flop edge over the competition on PokerCircle. Let’s get right into it!

Tip #1: Position Matters A Lot

One of the most important things to know is that not all seats at the table are equal. Your position, meaning where you are seated relative to the dealer button, makes a huge difference. The best and most profitable positions are the dealer button and the cutoff (seat to the right of the button). 

When you’re in these spots, you get to act last which is a massively valuable advantage. Acting last allows you to get really accurate information about your opponents’ hand strengths based on their actions before you. 

Tip #2: Always Raise When Folded To You

If it gets folded around to you pre-flop, you should always raise and never just call or “limp” into the pot. Limping looks very weak and basically advertises that you don’t have a strong hand. Instead, take control by raising and putting pressure on the other players right away.

For example, if everyone folds to you on the button with a premium hand like an AK offsuit, raise it up to 3 times the big blind (so if the big blind is ₹2, raise it to ₹6). This builds a pot and makes it more expensive for others to try and play against you.

Tip #3: Hunt Down the “Fish” Recreational Players

As a poker winner, you need to identify the fish or recreational player at the table who plays far too many hands. These players will be your biggest source of winnings. 

Find players with very high stats like VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money in Pot). Try to get seated to their immediate left so you have a position on them as often as possible. When you’re in position and they enter the pot, punish them by raising their weak playing ranges.

Tip #4: Raise for Just One Caller

When you get dealt a premium monster hand like pocket Aces or Kings, you absolutely do not want to get action from multiple players. Your aim should be to raise enough pre-flop that ideally only one other player calls you. Having multiple players in the pot greatly reduces your possibilities of winning that huge pot you deserve.

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Tip #5: Understand the Best Starting Hands  

You’ll want to play a pretty tight and disciplined range of strong starting hands pre-flop, especially when you’re still learning. For 6-max games, stick to playing around the top 22% of hands:

  • Pairs 88 or higher
  • Broadway hands AJs or better  
  • Some good suited connectors/suited aces like JTs, QJs, KQs

For fuller 9-player games, the top 15% range looks like:  

  • Pairs 99 or higher
  • Broadway AQs or better
  • KQs and other very strong-suited connectors/aces

Tip #6: Be Cautious vs Maniacs

When you encounter aggressive, maniacal opponents who seem to constantly be raising and re-raising, don’t try to fight fire with fire. Avoid getting into wild-raising wars which could risk your whole stack. Instead, play more cautiously by just calling their raises in position with hands like pocket pairs, suited broadways, etc.

Tip #7: Pressure the Nitty Regs  

Good, solid “regular” players can sometimes be too nitty or tight with their games. When you identify players like this who love to fold too often to preflop raises, you can look to add missiles by “3-stakes” or re-raising their opens light with hands you wouldn’t normally. 

For example, hands like JTs, KQo, etc. make great light 3-stake squeezes versus these nitty players. The constant re-raising pressure often has them folding far too wide and spewing off value to you. It’s an extra way to target and exploit their overly tight tendencies.

Tip #8: Never Let Limpers Go for Free

Anytime there is a “limper” who just calls pre-flop to go to the flop without raising, consider this an absolute gift. These players are essentially putting money in the middle and just asking you to take it from them. Always raise their limps with just about any premium holding you were open from your position.

Limping is so horrible in poker that you can iso-raise these players up to 5x or more to punish them to their faces. Build a big pot and deny them cheap odds to hit their hand for free.

Tip #9: Only Ship It With The Nuts

While playing you should only really consider getting all-in pre-flop for your tournament or cash stack with truly premium hand combinations:

  • Pocket Pairs: AA, KK, QQ
  • Big Broadway: AK 

Any other hand like JJ, TT, AQ, etc. has a decent amount of domination risk vs the range of holdings your opponent could be entering the pot with. Don’t go broke pre unless you have a virtual lockdown on the hand!

There you have it – 9 easy-to-understand pre-flop tips that will serve as an elite foundation for your Poker games. Study them, practice them, and watch your win rate soar at PokerCircle Poker app!



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